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Looking for a great microscope below 1um, please help.

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    Hello everyon,

    Sorry if this is the wrong sub forum but I thought it would work. I am trying to photograph carbon nanofibers with a microscope (I don't need it to be too fancy). I am in the range of 200-600 nm and I cannot measure them too well with the 40x lens on the University's microscope. I just need a camera/software to measure them with a suitable microscope as well. I am assuming anything in the 120x range would suffice. It would need a high powered light. The program we use at the University is Spot Basic and Spot Advanced. Anyone have any reccomendations? Thank you all for any input.

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    Unless you're going for a very high end optical, I think you'll be limited in the resolving power of your microscope:

    You're probably better off trying to find an SEM somewhere on your campus (try the biology or geoscience departments--if nothing, they might know who does have one, or where you can send samples to)
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    We do have one on campus but I am not allowed to use it due to me no longer being a student here but working on campus for a private company. I will see if I can gain access to it because the assistant director of polymer engineering knows I'm a respectful and knowledgeable person. I was just looking at my options to buy through my company in the 3-5k range, or cheaper.

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