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Looking for a journal where undergrad can publish results of their research project

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    I'm looking for a jornal where undergraduate students can publish what they did as part of a research project(not very advanced). It has to be such that anyone around the world can submit. If anyone knows such journal please reply!

    Oh, by the way I'm talking about mathematics journal
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    Most departments keep copies of their own students' work from many years back. I don't know of any resource that allows access outside the university, however. They'd probably send you electronic copies if you ask.
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    thanks for that info but unfortunately my university doesn't even have such system. For that reason I'm looking for a journal where outsiders(internationallly) can also submit

    Oh, and perhaps there was misunderstanding, I'm not just looking for it to have a read but I'm intending to submit mine. Thanks!
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    For submissions, I believe that journals work on merit, regardless of your standing, provided you have the contacts to review your work. I don't know much about the process of academic submission, however.
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    I don't think Sojourner quite understands your question... so here you go:

    https://www.cur.org/ugjournal.html [Broken]

    (I'd try the Journal of Young Investigators or Undergraduate Research Journal first)
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    Try the Journal of Undergraduate Research in Physics. This is the journal produced by the AIP Society of Physics Students and Sigma Pi Sigma.


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