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Looking for a MHD simulation (Magnito-Hydro-Dynamics)

  1. Aug 11, 2011 #1
    I'm looking for a simulator for magnetism and fluid dynamics(with the objective of modeling atmospheric reentry), and was wondering if anyone knew of one(preferably free/open source). If anyone feels like searching(I couldn't find anything) the field is called magnetohydrodynamics.

    In the event there isn't such a program readily available, then I'm seriously considering writing a quick and dirty one myself. I think I'm sufficiently proficient with the computer and programming aspect, though I would need some help with the math. The simulator needs:
    --run on Windows 7 or Ubuntu(11.4); Either one is fine.
    --Implement all of maxwell's equations
    --Be capable of modeling hypersonic airflows, under the influence of potentially changing electric and magnetic fields.
    --Be capable of tracking temperature of the airflow and applying ionization in sufficiently high energy collisions
    --Calculate gray body emissions and absorption for all involved particles

    If anyone could help me either in locating a program fitting those specifications or with the math involved in designing one I would be very grateful.
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