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Looking for a new laptop?

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    Looking for a new laptop? :)


    I am an Physics student looking for a new laptop that can handle pretty heavy mathematica and simulations. It needs to be fairly portable and light i've been looking at Lenovo's computers but i need someone elses opinion:)
    I prefer :


    And thatis pretty much all :) So please reply if you got an opinion
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    Re: Looking for a new laptop? :)

    Lenovo's are good. Been a thinkpad fan for many years, you can't go wrong with them.
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    jim hardy

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    Re: Looking for a new laptop? :)

    I'd think $500 would buy a very nice laptop

    i recently bought one with 16 inch screen for $350

    Mine came from a Sam's club
    it has a sturdy aluminum case, i think it's an Asusz or something close to that phonetic spelling
    but the market is so competitive you can do as well elsewhere
    just get plenty of memory to run windows...
    and get antui virus. I use microsoft's free one.
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    Re: Looking for a new laptop? :)

    Thanks for the reply's appreciate it and ill concider your thoughts :)
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    Re: Looking for a new laptop? :)

    What's your budget? Do you have a brand prefer or hate?
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    Re: Looking for a new laptop? :)

    I like 13", I think what you are asking on the computer is not hard. Those simulations should be much easier on the computer than those entertainment stuff where they need high quality video, larger data storage etc.

    I think about $600 to $700 will get you a good one. I personally like HP. I don't buy the top of the line as in 3 to 6 months, they are out dated and cost a lot less. $2000 computer a year or two ago is $500 today!!!!
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    Re: Looking for a new laptop? :)

    You want it fairly portable and light and 13"-14", so do you want to get a Ultrabook ?
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    Re: Looking for a new laptop? :)

    Here are some models , you can check out, see if you are interested
    http://ultrathinlaptops.org/best-ultrabooks-under-800-dollars/ [Broken]
    http://ultrathinlaptops.org/best-ultrabook/ [Broken]
    These are Ultrabooks, thin and light, you can choose one depends on your budget
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    Re: Looking for a new laptop? :)

    I would like to suggest you to put portability at first priority. There is lots of publicizing about processing power but in my experience a decent dual core (1.2 GHz) is all that needed. Further by not going for very hi specs processing power you can find laptops with amazing battery life, making it even more portable. Yes, great processors compiles programs faster, simulates faster but 99 % of the time we are just typing the programs, or drawing the circuits or browsing the web. Few extra seconds slowness during intense processing doesn't really matter enough to pay higher money and compromise portability. At least that was my experience.
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