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Looking for a program.

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    I am trying to find a program for Windows in order to draw forces, vectors and problems for physics. I want to illustrate angles, rotations etc.

    thank you
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    More Imformation please.

    A. What Windows Os are you wanting the S/W for ?

    B. Are you wanting to pay ?

    C. or do you want to use Freeware ?

    In the meantime, this is a good source.


    Hope it helps.


    PS : I'm not meaning to run Windows down..

    But have you considered running Linux / Unix or OS X instead ?

    These are the mainstay platforms of choice for many researchers and scientists.

    Most especially because there is so much scientific freeware available to these OS's.
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    Are you merely looking to illustrate them? in 2D? or in 3D?
    Are you also looking for the software to compute things for you?
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