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Looking for a switch

  1. Jul 6, 2011 #1
    I am looking for off the shelf switch which can handle both 220v Ac and Battery(dc).
    output of the switch should be 12vdc, when powered by AC it should automatically cut the DC and start Charging the battery and rectify AC to DC. Please help.its really imp for my project.
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    Are you talking about a networking switch for ethernet networks? I ask because you said "output of the switch should be 12vdc", but an electrical switch does not have an output. A switch in the context of electronics is a device which makes or breaks electrical connections.

    What I'm getting is that you want a device with the following properties:
    - Is an active device
    - Can be powered from AC or DC source
    - Produces 12V DC at its output

    Is this correct? I don't know what you mean by "charging the battery". What battery? And what is the project?
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    Yes I mean by device, I used word switch because it should switch between AC and DC depending upon type of power. basically I have a project in which our equipment (portable) works on 12vdc so we have batteries to supply 12vdc but now I want to incorporate AC power supply too in the system so that when AC is on the device runs on AC supply and also helps in charging the battery pack attached, so basically I am looking for a device with following functionality
    1. ac-dc conversion
    2.can be powered by either source
    3.automaticaly switch to AC
    4. output 12vdc
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