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Looking for a vacuum tube

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    in which I could fit about a 3" diameter object in. I have searched and searched all over the net and I can't find any. I would like to purchase a vacuum tube so that I could do several experiments on what happens to household objects in a vaccum. I would like to see how ice changes in it among many other objects.
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    You need a bell jar. Try that as a key word in you search.

    3'! That is a pretty good sized bell jar. Do this compute the surface area of something big enough to hold that, then multiply by 14.7 lb/in2.
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    I'm sorry I wrote this late at night. I meant 3 inches haha
    That would be huge if it was 3 feet
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    Ok, that's better. 3" Is easy. even so I don' think they give them away!
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    I'm prepared to spend some money on it. My physics teacher from long ago had one. I want one just like his. It had a clear tube so you could watch the penny and feather inside of it fall at the same speed.
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    Youd be better off using a HDMW plastic like kevlar get a pipe ( 4*5~6" or so )and a base and cover ( normally a plexi supplier can machine these to spec. You dead end the bottom and put a lid on with .say a rubber gasket and two draw latches, slap a vacume guage in there and a suction port and viola' a vacuum chamber you can throw out of a speeding car that won't break and one that will cost considerably less then a Pyrex object.

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    You could also take a 1-inch diameter by 1-foot glass rod, liberally coat it with liquid rubber all around, 1/4-inch on all sides, but even thicker at the center.
    Allow to cure.
    Strike the rod at the center, causing the rod to break at that point.
    Now, try to pull the two halves apart.
    One hell of a vacuum.
    O.K. it's my design, but a neat idea if carried forward.
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