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Looking for advice

  1. Feb 18, 2010 #1
    Hello everybody!

    Before I go to a problem, I’d like to apologize for my bad English cause it’s not my native language.

    I am 21 years old student from Estonia. I am studying mechanical engineering over there. I just finished my first year of university, but I am more than sure that I will gain success only if I focus on certain field in early stage. Like in any other case the main question is what would be the best profession for me!?

    Estonia is a small country and there’s no big opportunities for mechanical engineers. Still, at the moment i feel myself very confident. I know I am mechanically minded – I can see the problems, analyse them and also find solutions to solve them. I feel like I have inborn capacity. Everything else can be achieved by studying and practicing.

    Recently I came in for a golden opportunity, however the chance it will work is 50/50. I might have chance to get training in every school holiday during the next 2 years(till I finish my bachelor of mechanical engineering). I would be trained in England and company will pay for the travelling expenses and accommodation. That means after my bachelor degree I have to work 2 more years in England, where more training would be provided. After that I probably would have to go China, Shanghai where I will get work as a sealing engineer. The company manufactures and distributes specialty seals used in hydraulic, pneumatic, and pipeline applications. This company is one of the unit of leading British-based manufacturer of industrial belting and other polymer-based products..

    I have always been interested in fabrication. Making a product from steel bar and everything else that belongs to that process. I try always figure out how thing are made and I also got some ideas on my head. Especially when it bears on steel profiles, alloys but also composites and polymers. I have pondered a idea of CNC machinery and computer-aided-engineering.
    I have begun to think more and more maybe the money isn’t most important and I should do something that I really like. Something I don’t get bored but is challenging on the same time. I dont want to look after someones work, I want to make something on my own.

    What do you think? Am I stupid if I give away a opportunity like I described above and start to do something else. One thing is dead sure – I have to leave my country. That means I need to find a company who is ready to support my studies and trainings. What could be a suitable profeesion for me?

    Thank you for everybody who take a trouble to read this topic!

    NOTE: If somebody knows any better place I could post this question please let me know.
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