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Looking for advice.

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    I'm looking for help of my best course of action. First a little background, I am 30 (almost 31), married, 3 kids (7,4, and 1), and I am in the military. I work in a radar building, tracking satelittes and ICBM warning. I have a TS clearance which I hope will help me land a good job after I get out of the Air Force in 3.5 years. My job gives me a lot of time to sit on the computer to take online classes, but my schedule does not allow me to take any classes at the local college or even the colleges who hold classes on base. I have my CCAF which is a Associates of Arts that covers my GE credits for the most part. I have about 3.5 years to get school done, but it has to be online.

    I want to earn a Computer Engineering degree, but all I could find was a few Computer Engineering Technology programs, mainly DeVry and Grantham. I am currently signed up with DeVry but after reading on here, I am having my doubts. Is there any online program out there that can get me that Computer Engineering degree or am I stuck with a CET? I can use my GI Bill after I am out, but that is still too long away.

    Any advice would be appreciated.
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