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Looking for an experiment

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    I'm looking for ideas for experiments, which use both centripetal force and water properties.

    (I need it as a part of my project in physics)

    Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated.
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    Is swinging a full bucket in a vertical circle too standard?
    Another is to demonstrate how quickly sandy water becomes clear in a centrifuge.
    Then there is the parabola formed when you stir the tea in a circle.
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    Hi clem, first of all thank you very much!

    Unfortunately, my physics teacher has already shown us these few execrsies in class, as an example for the excersises I should demonstarte.. :uhh:

    If you/ someone else still have more ideas, i'll really appreciate your help.
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    Apparatus may be a problem so I am thinking along the lines of using a garden sprinkler, the type that rotates when water is forced out of two nozzles facing in opposite directions and at the ends of a rotating arm.These can be picked up very cheaply at a D.I.Y.shop or a garden centre.There is some really meaty physics involved in this and you may have to do some of your investigation outside the lab.
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    Sounds good, thank you!
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    There's a famous Feynman story about whether if you suck the water in the thing will turn in the opposite direction ....

    eg. http://adsabs.harvard.edu/abs/1988AmJPh..56..307H (I didn't read, it's just a link to get a search started in case you are interested.)
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    Were you really shown that it is a parabola?
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    My teacher has already shown it throught a video clip (on the computer), as an example. So I have to make other experiments..
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