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Looking for BASIC dowload

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    So where can I find a nice, safe, free, downloadable version of BASIC for Windows 7?
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    Thanks guys, I'll check them both out.
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    BTW if all you're looking for is a really nice scripting language, you might consider python. All free, redistributable, very easy to learn like JavaScript or VB, runs on any of the main operating systems, very popular with tons of libraries, tons of examples and docs on the web, busy support forums, and excellent simple self-documenting syntax (yet similar to other standard languages). You can write anything from a simple clean script to a complicated object oriented program. I highly recommend it for novices and experts, alike. Its not at all wordy like java, nor is its style weird like scala (those are good languages but they aren't for the faint at heart). Once you get interested you can get the Eclipse IDE with the PyDev plugin to debug, etc.
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    You can use QB64 for a 64 bit platform running windows:

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    Thanks. Sorry I'm not responding more quickly. For some reason I'm not getting notices for this thread.
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