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Looking for BEC help

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    Hey guys,
    im currently doing some stuff on bec's and was wondering if there were any good textbooks out there in general to help be understand annihilation and creation operators, s wave scattering, Hamiltonians of dilute BEC's, Gross-Pitaevskii equation and so forth.
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    the best books

    Pethick and Smith, Bose-Einstein condensation in dilute gases.
    Reads like a textbook with exercises to solve after each chapter.

    Pitaevskii and Stringari, Bose-Einstein Condensation
    Slightly more technical, also four years older than the above

    Leggett, Quantum Liquids
    Leggett's style of presentation is a little quirky, but this one is an expose of the physics of all kinds of BEC and BCS superfluid, with less detail about each. (Not neutron stars, though.) Discusses topics that Leggett thinks are interesting, like coherence.

    None of the abovementioned books make use of the field-theoretical formulation, with psi and psi-dagger. That is not necessary in order to study many-body systems (but some think it's more convenient). Instead they go directly for the many-body wavefunction.
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    Using the many body wavefunction is what im after, as for QFT, i can pick that up from the basics of the heisenberg picture and extend what i know there. thank you for this.
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