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Looking for book suggestions to stock a study hall library

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    Well, first, I'm pleased to say that my school's Society of Physics Students chapter has just elected me to the position of head of the chapter! \o/

    Well...more like we only have 7 people, our current club President is busy with her student teaching duties at a high school, and I was the only one who wanted to do it. Anyway.

    So, the physics students at my school have our own room set aside in the science building as a study area/general nerdcave. Now, the room also has its own library, a very large bookshelf covering one of the walls. However, a lot of the books are quite old and not in great shape. This in itself isn't a bad thing, some of the older textbooks are actually pretty good, but a lot of them are almost falling apart and in a few cases (especially with the electronics and computer-related ones) pretty out of date. So me and some other members have decided it might be a good time to update the library and move some of the books over to the general collection of the University library, and replace them with books that are a bit more up to date and relevant to our courses.

    First, we're looking for suggestions for textbooks we could get for low cost. We've already got spare copies of the course textbooks, but I think some variety would be nice especially since ours are a bit hit-or-miss in quality.

    Next, we're looking into subject-specific books for more in-depth study. Dover seems to offer a wide range for very low cost, are these typically of good quality?

    Any suggestions at all would be nice. Thank you.
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    I would check out a used bookstore. There is one near me that has a whole section of used textbooks that are really cheap.
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