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Looking for books

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    Perhaps this will be of use to other people as well.
    I am looking for a book or books that basically consists of
    techniques used and currently in use in the field of biochemistry
    and molecular biology with an emphasis on theory and NOT protocol. I will start, as I do have one good one, but I am looking for more. Monique, if you are reading this, I think you would be especially interested in this book.:

    "Biochemical Techniques: Theory and Practice
    John F. Robyt and Bernard J. White

    Almost forgot, lets try to keep a cap on the cost (IE. $100 US or less)
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    Human Molecular Genetics
    by Tom Strachan and Andrew P. Read

    Molecular Biotechnology:
    principles and applications of recombinant DNA
    by Bernard R. Glick and Jack J. Pasternak

    Practical Skills in Biomolecular Sciences
    by Reed et al.

    by T.A. Brown

    Are some practically oriented books on my shelf.. o my.. time for me to make an inventory.. haven't seen these books in a long time :P
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