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Looking for data

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    HI all,

    I'm starting by senior research and I am in the hunt of some data! Specifically magnetometer data from an earth orbiting satellite, I could get the data I think from the http://ppi.pds.nasa.gov/ site but was curious if anyone had an insight or guidance. At my college we have a pyranometer which records cosmic ray flux (w/m^2) - does anyone know if that information is obtainable for various locations on the globe (U.S particularly).

    And where could I find data on the ionosphere as well...

    Thanks, feel free to ask any questions I'm sure I was vague :smile:
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    You might try the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Agency, NOAA. They engage in lots of research in the areas you are interested in.
    Also the European Space Agency, ESA. The Brits have their own space agency, UKSA, as does Australia.
    I can't imagine NASA not having the information you need, you just have to dig deep into its octopus-like organization.
    I wish I had some URLs but haven't needed such data in a while. Good Luck.
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