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Looking for help (High school student)

  1. Jun 8, 2010 #1
    New user in these forums, but I have visited these pages before.
    I am a highschool student (junior) just looking for help/advice in terms of what i want to do in the future.
    I am really interested in Physics/math. I have a passion for learning and giving myself a challenge. Currently enrolled in regular physics, calculus A and the recommended/necessary courses. As of right now I have Calculus BC, Physics C and a whole bunch of AP classes lined up for next year. (cannot wait). I am taking these courses just to challenge myself and see where I land.
    Now to get to the point. I am really interested in being a Physicist or an Engineer. Though, I am torn between the two. I guess it's because of the lack of knowledge I know of the two fields and what people do in them.
    So, for starters where should I start? Are the courses I am taking good enough?
    I also took my ACT, got a 29, though not pleased. I think I can do better :). Is this score good enough to obtain a good education ( i mean a good college)?
    Sorry for the lack of precision in terms of interest, just want to know whether I am thinking along the right lines.
    Any help is welcome!
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