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GO to This post And watch this video. You'll need realplayer which can be obtained at www.realone.com [Broken]

I won't make any further comments because I would like people's unbiased opinions on what amounts to a conference and presentation to various congressman and press. I welcome any and all comments on it
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so no one's even bothered to listen to this at all then?


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Patience Zantra, Patience. Have you check to see how many are on line currently? You need to give posts a while, perhaps even a few days.

Currently I am at work and do not have real player installed (and will not install it!) So can't look at this stuff now.

Likewise your other thread, no time to consider in depth anything other then my work. Good luck if you give it some time I am sure you will get some takers.

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You're right I'm being impatient because I'm excited. I'm heading to bed

To be continued...

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