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I Looking for Loudon's Paper

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    Where can I find the following paper online?
    Loudon, ‘‘Spatially-localized two-particle interference at a beam splitter"

    And if someone can send me a copy, I promise to use it only for my own study.
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    Have you tried searching for it? What did you find?
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    I found it listed in many bibliographies. On some servers they show an abstract. It is a part of a Proceedings on Coherence and Quantum Optics (or similar title) , published in the 70s or 80s. Google Books contains a soft copy of this Proceedings volume, but the article in question is not among the chapters that are included for free viewing via Google Books.

    Before spending on actually buying the Proc. vol, I would like to exhaust the possibility of its turning up somewhere. (It is available on Google Play Books for the equivalent of about $85 which is not exactly a pittance in your's truly's scale of units, for the few pages of stuff that I'm interested in).
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    Thank you.

    Me neither. :( :(
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