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Looking for math/physics/engineering people who ware interested in the biomechanics a

  1. Jan 12, 2008 #1
    Looking for math/physics people interested in the running biomechanics

    Are there any other math/physics/engineering runners out there who are interested in collaborating on an effort to understand their own running performance by using a mathematical model known as the Spring Mass (SM) Model (1). It treats the runner as a single mass bouncing on a pair of spring-like legs, similar to pogo sticks (2). There have been a few papers verifying the model and demonstrating that it does model a runner’s performance.

    If you have a mathematical background, understand Newton’s and Euler’s equations, know a little bit about Kunge-Kutta and have some understanding of the Langrangian formulation and equations of motion, please send me an email at tjacmc@aol.com. It might be interesting to see what insights we can come up with together.

    Ted Andresen

    (1) http://members.aol.com/tjacmc/SpringMass.jpg
    (2) http://members.aol.com/EasyExperiments/GaitCycle/GaitCycle.gif
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  3. Jul 14, 2008 #2
    Re: Looking for math/physics/engineering people who ware interested in the biomechani

    i live in brazil and i'm doing a theses in physiotherapy and i would like to use your picture of gait cycle, if you don't mind. but i can't get it open! if you can, please send me! i wouldn't know how to thank you
    see you soon!
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