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Looking for Physics Artists

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    I'm working on a popular science paper and I'm looking for a 'physics artist' to help me express some of the ideas visually.

    By 'physics artist' I mean the kind of artist who can make a drawing that helps someone understand spacetime curvature for example.

    Can anyone recommend someone who could help?

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    I imagine many artists would jump at the chance of illustrating your work.Why not try posting flyers at your local schools colleges etc?
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    Your best bet is going to be someone good at computer graphics. Some schools specialize in this, training students for computer animation and every variety of digital image manipulation.

    If you don't have such a school near you I suggest you go to:


    and search under digital art and its subcategories.

    (DeviantART is not actually a site for deviant art. I have no idea why they called it that. It is a massive site for amateur artists to create a profile and display their work. A huge percentage of these "amateurs" actually produce amazingly professional level work. Most people there will do commissions.)
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    Great suggestions, thanks guys!

    I have heard of deviant art actually, there is some really impressive stuff up there.
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