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Looking for Physics Books

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    I am looking for some books about physics. It sounds stupid, but unfortunately I do not have the head of patience for all the calculus in school, and that prevents me from doing much as far as a major in engineering goes. Now it is going to be more of a hobby than anything. However, I need to find some good books explaining principles and ideas and formulas. While I could go to school and purhase a text book or something, I thought someone here might have something more suited to what I am looking for. I am especially interested in things that relate to car suspension, aerodynamic drag, motion, friction, load, and things that fall in line with that stuff. Mechanical engineering is an area that has always interested me.
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    Well Resnick and Halliday's are excellent books about classicalphysics, they are used for physics majors and sometimes engineering majors. I was taught with Serway and Beichner Physics for Scientists and Engineers, it had some interesting problem as well as chapters. It contains probably most of what you're interested in.
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    Thank you very much for the fast response! I will check it out on amazon.
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    Welcome to physics forums CarKing! I hope you stay.
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    Apart from Resnick and Halliday, you might want to check out Sears/Zemansky/Young and Physics for Scientists and Engineers Parts I and II (I think) by Douglas Giancoli. If you are interested in mechanics, the latter will give you a good set of diagrams (in fact an excellent set), problems, theory (and of course, formulae if you're looking for them).

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