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Looking for Physics textbooks

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    I have a background in 3D graphics programming. Presently I am attempting to create a soft body simulation. The simulation only needs the appearance of realism, scientific grade accuracy is not necessary.

    I would like to base the surface deformation function on factors like elasticity/plasticity, tensile/compressive strength, surface tension, effect of thermal changes, etc. However I lack the requisite understanding of physics to achieve that outcome.

    As such I am looking for textbooks that explain these concepts and demonstrate practical application of the related equations. I am guessing I need to study thermodynamics? I have a strong mathematics background so I should have no problem with any calculus etc that may be required.

    I am specifically looking for books rather than online tutorials or paid courses. If anyone knows of some good textbooks that could give me a basic working understanding of those concepts I would appreciate it.

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    I think you have to study some Solid Physics or Material Science I have a good reference for you

    Walford's Guide to Reference Material: Science and Technology
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    OK thanks I'll take a look
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