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Looking for software, please help.

  1. Aug 17, 2010 #1
    Hi, taking a chance here... i recently played a game. This game involved you starting out with a marble in 3d space, and u had to design a path for it to reach a finish line, with ropes/gears/what have you... i was HOOKED, but i don't remember what its called...=/ any help would be appreciated
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    Did you play it on your Android phone?
    I have a game called SpacePhysics there, and it about fits your description....
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    There's a physics-based puzzle game called Armadillo run which was pretty addictive and fun. Also, there's a web-based flash game called Fantastic Contraption that's pretty addictive, but it's 2-D.
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    ARMADILLO RUN, that was it! thank you very much
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