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Looking for some basic immunology books

  1. Oct 1, 2004 #1
    I am looking for some basic immunology books (for beginners). Would you please give me some suggestions or advice ?
    I searched the internet and found Immunobiology by Charles Janeway, whose contents I think and guess are enough (-I don't know-LOL-). But this book has two versions, one old (2001)and one new(2004). The new one is expensive.
    Could you please take a look at the contents+your experience in immunology and please tell me something about it ? Which version should I buy ?
    I personally think the new one should have some things new added to the old one but it actually won't have any effects on a beginner like me, right ?(sorry i have no money left, and I don't understand books in my school library)
    Please help...
    I would like to learn about immunology.
    Thank you
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