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Looking for some books

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    Now that it's summer I have been doing a lot of reading, I am looking for a few books on math. I just finished high school and took calculus and vectors and enjoyed it. I don't really know what exact field of math book I want to get so I was just looking for some suggestions on any fields you have read from and enjoyed, the only thing is I haven't taken any university courses yet so they can't be to advanced.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Graph Theory
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    "a book of abstract algebra" by Pinter. Very easy, very enjoyable book!!
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    "A History of Mathematics" by Carl B. Boyer. I think you can probably still find it at local book stores in the science sections unless something else has replaced it now. It's a large book not the type I would advise trying to read fully in one setting but more for skimming every now and again.
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    I really enjoyed The Poincare Conjecture by Donal O'Shea.


    It does a good job in my opinion of presenting topology as a fascinating subject as well as discussing the proof of the Poincare conjecture and the backgrounds of some relevant historical mathematicians. Of course if you're looking for something less literary and more problem orientated maybe Hardy's "A Course on Pure Mathematics"? Personally my interest in mathematics is limited to the more generally applicable and philosophical concepts but I do recall reading another enjoyable book on the Reimann hypothesis recently though I can remember its name.
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    Thanks for the suggestions, is the book Euclid's Window a good read by chance?
    I would love to hear some more suggestions as well.
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