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Looking for some career advice in Engineering (biosystems or environmental)

  1. Jan 30, 2012 #1
    Hi fellow forum users,

    Basically I have formed this topic to, hopefully, get some constructive input on engineering disciplines, these two inparticular: Biosystems and Environmental.

    To cut along story very short I am a current university student whom is doing a double major of Applied Geology and Environmental Biology which I was planning to transfer into Environmental Engineering as I work in a oil and gas in such a capacity each summer. Unfortunately due to a lack of numbers the uni I attend has decided to cancel the Environmental Engineering course and this has left me in a bit of a bind.

    I still plan on doing engineering of some form or another as it is where my interests and skills lay but now I am unsure about other disciplines I can draw form. At present I have decided to aim for chemical engineering as it was my second area of interest.

    For me, biosystems engineering is run as a major option of the chemical engineering degree (the others being just chemical engineering and oil&gas engineering) however their description of it sounds simular to a fair portion of the original environmental engineering course. This has got me wondering that this might another option to get into environmental engineering as sort of alternative pathway.

    So what this brings me to following question of which I'd appreciate your input on:
    -What are the general differences between environmental and biosystems engineering*?
    -How does biosystems compare to standard chemical engineering?
    -What is the "employability" factor for biosystem engineers and are they accepted for the role of environmental engineers?

    Thanks for reading this I look forward to your inputs :)

    *-I understand I said they sound the same in the descriptins of the courses but this can be misleading sometimes with this lot.
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