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Looking for some math software

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    I am looking to be able to do my homework on the computer instead of writing it. I really hate writing out homework, erasing it, etc..

    Does anyone know of any software I am able to write out equations with proper math symbols? (not looking for a word plugin, a completely standalone program.) I would like the program to be easy to navigate as well, do not want to spend to much extra time doing it on the computer.
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    I recommend MathType. It allows you to just drag the symbols from a template, use the shortcut keys (I think you can customize that), or use LaTex if you know. Pretty convenient.
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    I typeset all of my assignments in LaTeX; I find it to be much faster than writing them out by hand.
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    Hi Number Nine,

    I tried to look into that myself but am too confused about the different programs required to work together and what to install and how to configure. So far, I gave-up and just use TextAid and Jarte or post onto the forum between tags. I'm always interested in any clarification anyone can give about LaTeX.
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    The easiest way to get started, I think, would be be to pick up TexWorks. This gives you a pretty simple environment for creating your documents: You write your code in one window, and then the press of a button compiles and displays it in another window. As for learning the language itself (it's not very difficult), you can find hundreds of tutorials with a quick google search. There's a pretty comprehensive one here...

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    MikTex is a LaTeX package that comes with an installer and sets it all up for you. Everything you need. See

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    If you have a recent version of ms word, you won't need any plugin. It has a robust built-in equation system and tons of symbols to choose from as well as templates for all sorts of equations, superscripts, subscripts, etc.
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    You might try a free month trial of Scientific Notebook or Scientific Word from


    Either of those will let you try to accomplish what you want to do.
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    Okay thanks for the replies! I am going to check out all these programs..

    Btw, anyone know a program where I can draw out equations(on a windows pad) and it converts it to neat looking equations for latex, etc..?
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    MathType claims to be able to do that, but I haven't found out how to use it yet, despite using the software for some time already.
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