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Looking for story riddles/brainteasers

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    I am in desperate need of story riddles, I used to have a game with tons of them but I can't find the game again! My search of the internet is not much help either! This is an example of what I need.
    There was a small village out in the middle of no place. Which had people living there as well. In this Village there was a garden with flower that grew and were well taken care of. The owner of the garden was a witch and gaurded her garden. Also in this village there was a young couple with two children and a husband and a wife. It was soon to be the husbands birthday and the wife had nothing to give. She would always pass the garden looking at the flower and thought how great of a gift it would be to give her husband one. So anyways she goes and grabs a flower from the garden. As she leaves the garden the witch appears before her. She yells at her and does her thing and says she is punished and vanished her no more. Many hours later her husband is very worried about his wife. The witch appeared before him and told what his wife has done. He cried and cried and told her he would do anything to get his wife back. The witch said to him. "There are three new rose bushes in my garden, you wife is one of them. you have until 3 days to pick a rose from garden and figure which one is which, if you pick the wrong one you and you family will be part of my garden forever." The witch did also did say that from dark to dusk his wife would be there, so when the sun was about to set she would vanish to one of the three rose bushes.After the three days of pain and sorrow. He went to the garden right as the sun was coming up. He headed straight for the rose bushes and started for a moment. He then grabbed for one of the branches and took a rose from a bush. Just then his wife appeared and everything was happy except for the witch. Here comes the riddle part, how did he know what rose bush to pick from?
    The Answer is:

    There was was no dew on the rose bush that she was. Cause the rose bush was not there during the night.

    If you like please e-mail me at kisala9906@gmail.com and I will be checking here also. Thanks so much.
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