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Looking for the right physics book

  1. Apr 1, 2012 #1
    Hi everyone, this question may be asked alot, but I haven't been satisfied yet.. Im actually a biology student, but I know that physics is the fundamental science, and i want to have a picture of the universe. I want to give an example of what im looking for: In Biology Ernst Mayr is was a very prominant figure, a giant, he wrote a book called "This is Biology" (very good book). Its scope spanned the whole of the field, ecology, evolution, molecular biology etc... And it discusses unanswered questions in biology, the philosophy of biology, even the philosophy of science. Without being too technical and going into too much depth, but also not being too dumbed down, this is a scientist discussing with other scientists and lay people alike. in a genuine matter, what he thinks about the science and what it has to say in its entirety. It discusses new ideas in a reasonable matter without high flying jargon, and how they may be approached. I would love it if there were an equivalent type book in physics by a distinguished physicist. Im not looking for "A Brief History of Time", or "The Elegant Universe" and those type of dumbed down, high flying popular science books you dont end up learning much from. I want some honest and genuine discussions of truth. But Im not a physics major, so I dont know if Im going to read textbooks you know? I have a few lying around anyway that may help if I need them, but id rather just a nice book. I have read Richard Feynman, he is spectacular, but maybe something more in depth than QED and the Character of Physical Law, touching on more modern ideas? I would appreciate it very much!
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