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Homework Help: Looking for tutor

  1. Jan 2, 2012 #1
    I spent a couple minutes perusing the site to see if there was an appropriate place for this question. Basically I've tried all the local tutors for my applied mechanics problems and none seem to have the training for it. That was through the school and kijiji. Since I'm willing to take pictures of my homework and post them is there someone who would be willing to help me solve these questions at a price

    i understand nothing really comes free and I put a bunch of work into posting questions here and then wait days for often no response.
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    The reason that you got no response to your threads is probably because you didn't provide any attempt at the solution. Post the question and then present your work, however it is. Then people will be willing to help you. This is better way of learning physics
    than hiring expensive tutors.
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    what sir issac said :p
    these forums are free and people would be happy to help free of charge
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    One thing that is obvious to me from some of your threads is that people are not willing to read whole scanned pages of the text looking for the single phrase/picture that you don't understand. Crop them so that it is obvious where the problem is. The shorter and more to the point your question is, the better the chances of getting the answer.
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    It's not always obvious to me where the problem is, and its stupid to warn me for cross posting after someone told me to go to engineering forums instead of homework forums for a homework question. Obviously the same people aren't at both places so it makes sense then to make two threads ? yes paid tutorship is against this forum I can see but I did get an offer from someone and I don't want to feel like an *** hole for expecting free advice which I need sometimes very quickly so I'd just feel better paying for it.

    I am supremely thankful for the help coming out of here but last term it didn't come fast enough and I ended up with no resources at all and 50% in the course. (he rewards effort and attitude)

    it just feels like people answer questions that are convenient/easy to answer as frequently I watch 300 people view the post and other threads are getting answered with a much lower view count

    but ok i'll try narrow down the problems from now on

    I'm really short on sleep today... posts may reflect that :/
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    One more suggestion, if I may. Do you have peer study-groups at your school? Your peers need not be a lot more advanced than you to help you. Often, they need to just "see" problems a bit differently, so you can figure out why you are getting stumped. If you will put some time and effort into parsing the problems and share your thoughts, you might be able to help your peers in their studies, too. That is plenty of pay-back! No money involved - just a bit of time and effort.
  8. Jan 3, 2012 #7
    yah actually that's a good point. There is something going on at the university although I go to college.
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