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Looking for used play scripts

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    In February 2014, I'm going to be auditioning to try to get into a BFA program in theater. To audition, I need to perform two contrasting monologues. I want to get a bunch of plays so I can have a wide variety to look through. Also so I can practice with several different monologues. I've been searching for some plays online, but they're usually about 8$. I wanted to try to find some place selling lots of them used, so I can get a bunch of them for like 2 or 3$. I want to own them so any time I need to get the context of the monologue, I can just go reference it real quick.

    Anyone have any ideas? Thanks.
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    I bet every used book store has lots of Shakespeare. Not sure if you're into that genre.
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    You can never go wrong with a local library.
    Or just contact your community theatre company; they might be willing to lend you one (especially if you volunteer with them.)
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