Looking forward to the nanotechnological revolution

What do you think about nanotechnology?

  1. I think it will be devastating and should be stopped

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  2. It will be a great advancement for the human race and should be encouraged

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  3. I couldn't care less

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  1. With the news that Prince Charles is campaining against it this week I want to hear your views (although since most of you are scientists I think you'll be for it). Just for the record I am looking forward to the nanotechnological revolution.
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  3. Both. Development must be continued for the good of the human race, but strong controls MUST be enforced over such a powerful technology. We are still far from that point, but the potential threat is large.
  4. nano

    Nanotechnology sounds cool lets do nanotechnologyWicked [lamb]
  5. nano

    How do/will scientists be able to minipulate the atoms, as we are unable to see them, as they are smaller than the frequency of light. Even if we could, we cannot push them, as we don't have anything small enough to do so. Any help? Thanks.

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