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Looking to buy a telescope Asap

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    I've been to a starparty and realised my telescope is well underpowered and for what I want to view. My budget is £500-£600 and I was looking for something with a ten inch aperture. I was looking at the Orion xt10 classical with barlow set or the Skywatcher skyliner 250px dobsonian. Could someone advise me as to which is best or what better options are available. Quick responses would be preferable as i'm incredibly impatient
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    As far as I know, Orion and Skywatcher products are generally of decent quality, so either one is probably a good choice if you want lots of aperture for the least amount of buck. Or pound. Or euro. (or whatever that little symbol means :wink: )
    I don't know what other telescopes you've owned, but if you haven't owned a parabolic reflector before just be aware that collimation is not exactly trivial. (Nor is super difficult. Unless you have a real POS like the reflector I had)

    You should be pleased with either one if all you're wanting is a large aperture dob.
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    Thank you for the quick response, I'm probably going for the orion xt10 because for and extra £20 (pounds) you get a set of Barlow lenses. I was going to buy a laser collimator as I've heard it's difficult without and only know how to collimate with a laser
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    It's not terribly difficult, but a laser lets you collimate it inside and then fine tune it outside if necessary.
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