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Looking to change my field!Am I too late?

  1. Feb 5, 2013 #1
    I am a forum member from two years.I never really post anything but I do check out the discussions at the forums.I am really interested in doing physics.I am not saying this by watching Brian Greene or Michio Kaku. I have a passion for physics.There are only two things in my life that I can do for entire day without any hesitation.They are physics and computer stuff.

    The problem is that I am from India and like most of the students here I took a Engineering Degree in Electronics and Communication.But I have watched all the Walter Lewin Lectures from MIT,Classical and Quantum Mechanics courses from Prof. Balakrishnan,basic physics courses from Shankar and I really enjoyed them.

    I am in the final year of completing my Under-Graduation but I really wanna do Physics.I have already read So-you-wanna-become-a-physicist thread.I still did not decide about going for a Phd,but I want to do Physics especially Particle Physics.I have already searched through forums but I could not find any answer.

    I spent already four years to get an Engineering Degree!Am I too late to change my field to physics and What job opportunities can I expect after completing my masters in Physics?Sorry if my English does not sound good.
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    To have any chance of working AS A PHYSICIST, you really need a Ph.D. in Physics. With an M.S. in Physics, there are opportunities to work as an engineer or a programmer, assuming you have developed the necessary skills along the way.
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    Re: Re: Looking to change my field!Am I too late?

    I want to do a Phd but right now I am just focussing on my Masters.I am already 22.So,I expect 2-3 years for masters and then maybe Phd. Am I too late to change my field?I don't want to end up my life unsuccessful after completing my masters.
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    I got my M.S. in physics at 48. I think you'll manage well enough at 22. :smile:
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    I think that`s really great.How do you manage to get a job?Thanks for the response!
    Edit:Just looked up your profile. You did a Phd. in Computer Science first.
    Thanks for the links!
    Well,I am looking to do a Masters course in India.But,most of the Universities in India do not maintain high standards for Masters in Physics.I would love to get into IIT but that needs a lot of preparation from my side.Their Physics programs are looking great and I would like to know about job opportunities from any Indians out here.
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    I mainly did the MS because I was interested in the subject. From a work perspective though, it didn't really help. That's why I said if you want to do *physics*, you need a Ph.D. (I'm at a national lab now, hanging out with physicists, but still doing computer work.)
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    It's never too late to change the field your in, but it's really just a question of what's required for you to do it.

    I don't know how things work in India. In my experience (Canadian schools) to enter into a master's program in physics you need an undergraduate degree in physics "or equivalent." The "or equivalent" usually means that the admissions committee will survey your transcripts for specific courses that will put you on par with other incoming graduate students. Missing one or two courses is usually not a big deal. They can be made up. But if it's more than that, you'll have to do the make up ork on your own dime.

    So, compare your course list with that for a physics program and identify what's different. If you've covered most of the same core material you'll likely be okay, but if not you have some makeup work to do.

    If you're still in question, then try contacting some of the specific schools you're interested in attending for gradaute studies and ask them what courses you need to take to be considered for admission.
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