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Looking to self-study undergrad/graduate physics, where to start?

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    Hi guys, it's been a long time since I've last been on here.

    Anyway my university situation is a mess and has been for a while so I am looking for some kind of comprehensive physics materials I can use to study. I am educated up to a 2nd year MSci level (theoretical physics) and I don't struggle at all with things so difficulty is not a problem.

    Where do I begin? I am looking at MIT OpenCourseware but some of the materials are missing for some courses which will make it a bit of a pain. [STRIKE]Years ago I remember clicking on a thread like this and this neat little website was posted which had a seriously comprehensive guide on self-teaching physics, I wonder if anyone knows what that is?[/STRIKE]

    Edit: found the site, it's HOW to BECOME a GOOD THEORETICAL PHYSICIST by Gerard 't Hooft, anyone know others like this? This is invaluable. (Also if you ever read this Mr Hooft, you are an absolute legend! Many thanks!)

    I just need lecture notes/information, problems, and solutions. The endgame of this little pet project is to be competent enough to draw up mathematical statements for entropic gravity, chaos theory, non linear systems and things like that. I will be getting a piece of paper (BSc/MSci) from a university that says I can do physics anyway soon enough so that's not a problem. What kind of things should I research/study to lead myself to that point? I don't mind if the work is brutal, difficult, whatever, just hit me. I'm looking for a challenge that will fire my neurons into a blaze of glorious ashes. Thanks :)
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