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Loooking for piezo plate

  1. Aug 13, 2015 #1
    hi me again sorry for bad english but im loooking for a pzt plate as shown in
    i seen sights like americanpiezo but i cant find the same 50 hz resonance one
    can someone help me find one?
    is their a better one than the one in the article
    where can i find the hz for pzt plates?
    thanks again
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    Okay, so I had an English friend translate for me since I was not getting any responses.
    I want the same piezoelectric plate found here: https://institutes.lanl.gov/ei/pdf_files/JIMSS2005.pdf.
    The PZT has a resonance frequency of 50 Hz in said article.
    If possible, I'd like similar or better ones (the resonance frequency can be a bit off, as long as it is similar).
    I have tried googling it but have found no luck regarding resonance frequency.
    Can somebody help me find something I can buy?
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    Anything? (Remember, I'm new to this so finding something as close as possible to the one used would be nice, I don't understand things like dielectric constants)
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