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Loop Law and Symmetry

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    Okay guys
    So I was studying up some electric current and doing electric current problems
    I am clear with kirchoff's rules
    And with series-parallel resistor combinations
    But I am not quite clear with the symmetric distribution of current
    Or symmetry in circuits, in particular
    Could you guys explain the concept of symmetry to me?
    Like what are the criteria to be kept in mind while looking for symmetry and when to and when not to use symmetry in electric circuits!
    Help is much appreciated! !!:)

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    Thanks for the link!!:)

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    Could you tell me a bit more about star delta transformations and nodes in circuits??
    I need to study up more of this!!!:)

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    I cannot, but I've moved the thread to the Electrical Engineering forum so hopefully someone here can.
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    Okay thank you!
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