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Loop Quantum Gravity and QM possibly in danger after discovery at ESA’s Integral?

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    "ESA’s Integral gamma-ray observatory has provided results that will dramatically affect the search for physics beyond Einstein. It has shown that any underlying quantum ‘graininess’ of space must be at much smaller scales than previously predicted.

    Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity describes the properties of gravity and assumes that space is a smooth, continuous fabric. Yet quantum theory suggests that space should be grainy at the smallest scales, like sand on a beach."

    According to the article since QM implies that space-time is actually distorted at small lengths especially near the Planck length of 10^-35, the lack of distortion could hinger many QM theories.

    I am going to make a bold statement, please correct me if I am wrong. The article states that no distortion was found down to 10^-48. Since Planck's length is only 10^-35 how is this even possible? Does this mean Planck length is not the smallest length, thereby suggesting that a large part of QM is incorrect?

    GR states that space-time is essentially smooth while QM suggests that space is distorted at the micro level. If the distortion is less than planck's length, would this not mean there is no distortion, thus disproving everything we know about QM?

    I hope I'm not looking at this correctly!
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