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Loose skin

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    Is there a way that you can fix/tighten loose skin? Like if somebody had liposuction and as a result they had loose skin, or if somebody had a bump somewhere (like a hemmorhoid) and when it disappeared loose skin was left, could they fix it somehow? I mean, they can sort of fix wrinkles and stuff on people's faces with botox and laser resurfacing and things like that right?
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    Plastic surgery to remove the excess skin can be done.
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    And what is the point of this question? :tongue2:
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    My friend wanted to get liposuction (but she's not really fat) and she said she was worried about having loose skin afterwards because it said on some website that she read that that could happen afterwards
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    All she'd have to do is excersize to get rid of it.
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    Yah but she was just wondering about the loose skin thing and thats why I asked

    So the only thing that could get rid of it is plastic surgery?
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    exersize gets rid of loose skin. AFTER LYPOSUCTION! :tongue2:
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    Aged skin as the cause of post-liposuction skin looseness

    This website says the problem is aged skin:
    http://www.tedlockwood.com/lipobody.htm [Broken]

    REALITY: Youthful, elastic skin tightens smoothly after liposuction. Thin, weak, inelastic, aged, sun-damaged, or stretch-marked skin does not tighten smoothly after liposuction

    Lef.org has information on keeping skin youthful.
    http://search.lef.org/src-cgi-bin/MsmGo.exe?grab_id=16&EXTRA_ARG=&host_id=42&page_id=5703680&query=skin&hiword=skin+ [Broken]

    Another good resource is the newsgroup sci.life-extension:
    http://groups-beta.google.com/group/sci.life-extension/search?hl=en&group=sci.life-extension&q=skin+aging [Broken]
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