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Lorentz Force: Question on generators and storeage

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    Hello all, and thank you in advance for taking the time to read my question. To give an idea of my working level, I'm a 21 year old computer science student entering my senior year at college. It's been a few years since my Electricity/Magnetism course, and i'm a bit rusty on the Lorentz Force.
    I wanted to create a sort of "Human Powered Generator", ie. something as simple as a stationary bicycle turning a generator as I peddle. Now I know the "right hand rule", and can quite easily make a motor/generator with some wire and magnets. My question is about voltage/current. I was never clear on the effects of the strength of the magnet and its importance in the amount of potential power generated. In other words,

    1.) If i'm turning a generator at a constant rate and it is lightning a bulb, if I magically replaced the magnets with ones twice as strong, what would happen? I'm assuming it gets twice as hard to turn, but outputs potentially twice as much power.

    In addition, I was never clear on the relationship between voltage and current in the lorentz force.

    2.) While turning a generator at constant speed S with magnets of strength B and # of wire coils C, how much voltage/current is created? I know there are many variables involved here, perhaps such as the width of the rod the coils are wrapped around, thickness of coils, etc.


    3.) If trying to charge a battery of V volts and A ampre-hours, what measures should I take to ensure safe delivery of energy to the battery? In other words, if I peddle the generator very rapidly, I expect lots of either current/voltage/both. I assume I need a voltage regulator of sorts, and I'm not sure if the current matters (I think its just how "much" energy there is, whereas voltage is the "pressure" or "strength" of the energy).

    I appologize if any assumptions I made are incorrect, i'm just going off of old knowledge. I tried wikipedia, but its all symbolic and I cant find a hard example (As in, I dont know how to find magnetic strength of a magnet, always denoted as B in the equation). Thanks to anyone who can answer any/all 3 of my questions!

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