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Lorentz force question

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    'One example of the Lorentz force is that, if two parallel wires are carrying current in the same direction, the wires will be pulled toward each other. The Z-pinch uses this same effect; the entire plasma can be thought of as many current-carrying wires, all carrying current in the same direction, and they are all pulled toward each other by the Lorentz force, thus the plasma contracts. The contraction is counteracted by the increasing gas pressure of the plasma.'
    What happens if one wire hypothetically is carrying current carried by positive ions or positive charge carriers but the current travelling in the opposite direction what happens then?
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    But when two normal parallel wires carrying normal current are carrying the current in opposite directions they repel
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    If one wire has negative charges traveling in one direction and the other has positive charges traveling in the other direction then what I said is correct. Read the link.
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