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B Lorentz Transformation Equation Paradox

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    Hi All;
    I was trying to understand Lorentz Transformation equation and special theory of relativity, but as I compared the derivation with a thought experiment I created I found the whole Lorentz Transformation Equation fails. The details of the problem is given in the pdf file attached. I know I m wrong but I wish you help me to find where I went wrong. Thank You.

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    I suppose the problem starts here: "Two light sources (L1, L2) are emitted inside the spacecraft from point ‘P’ and point ‘A’ simultaneously as shown in figure."
    Simultaneous events in one frame of reference are not necessarily simultaneous in another frame of reference.
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    Please start a new thread and use the PF LaTeX feature to post your equations. Attachments should not be used for this purpose. Thread closed.
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