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Lorentz transformations explanation?

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    sorry, i'm not particularly well versed in this field. can someone explain the lorentz transformations to me?
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    Use Google to search for "Lorentz transformation". You will get a lot of hits explaining it.
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    If I traveled at 75% the speed of light (.75c) for 1 hour, did one hour really pass for me? No, only .66 hours passed for me, or 39.6 minuts. I found this by uising the lorenz transformation [itex]\sqrt{1- \frac{v^2}{c^2}}[/itex] The evidence is here...
    The exact same goes for a decrease in length, and an increas in math exept its a factor using division for the latter.
    sorry if the latex is a little off
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    Wrong. You would experience the same thing you did at rest (Postulate I of SR, Galilean relativity: Every inertial frame experiences the same physics). The unmentioned frame with respect to which you have that .75c speed would see your lengths shortened and your clocks slowed.
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    well that is obvious. Relativistic effects only occur from another frame of reference :grumpy: Even if time did slow down for you, you cant notice a difference. And it's not only clocks that slow down, its everything that time effects. I guess you just like the feeling of telling people they are wrong :rofl: I think if you are going to tell people
    you should atleast explain who does time really slow down for, it would help people understand better.
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    Doc Al

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    Lighten up, eNathan! You made a mistake (or at least made a very confusing statement); selfAdjoint just pointed it out. (It's his sworn duty as a mentor... he had no choice!)
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    Isn't that nice. But people here seem to criticize things that are right, wrong, and in the middle.
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    Yes. It's all very simple. Clock time can be conceptualized with moving rulers in such a way that the astonishing connection between space and time can be clearly understood.

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    But correcting and clarifying are not "criticizing". You are the only one criticizing here.
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    sorry to put you all through this, but i looked it up in the encyclopedia of physics lol. thanks anyway for being supporting.
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    I think it was pretty clear what eNathan meant from the context (i.e. if you see me travel at 0.75c for 1 hour in your frame, then in my frame the journey only lasted 0.66 hours)--selfAdjoint was just being a bit pedantic (which isn't necessarily a bad thing, even though eNathan understood it, others could have been confused I guess).
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    Doc Al

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    I see your point. And eNathan's as well.
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