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Lorentz transformations

  1. Aug 21, 2014 #1
    [Mentor's note: This question was originally posted and responded to in a non-homework forum, therefore it does not have the usual homework template.]

    Hey, don't know how to solve this:

    In an inertial frame S, consider a light ray on the XY plane forming a 60 degree angle with the x-axis. What will the new angle be, when S moves in the x direction with a c/2 velocity?

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    Perhaps this should have been posted in the homework forum.

    Consider the light ray starting at the origin of S at time ##t = 0## (with moving system denoted S', you already said S was the original inertial frame, you cannot call the moving frame S as well). Where will it be a time ##t = T## later based on the information you have? What do you get if you Lorentz transform these two events to S'?
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