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Lorentz violation

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    If experiments shows to break the Lorentz violation, what would be the main implication of such findings?

    Could our spatial ordinary dimensions be very large loops but with different radius hence the preferred direction in space?
    Is those hypoteticly planck-sized extra dimensions perhaps aligned against our spatial dimensions through the Calabi-Yau shape and have some kind of planck-physics particles that affects and regulates certain properties of the spatial dimension thus violate the symmetry in any of our 3 spatial dimensions.

    My low knowledge on Quantum Theory allows me to play with my imagination like i did above.

    I have heard of some kind of quantum correction mechanism that could be involved but i cant find any good information on this.

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    Try this:http://uk.arxiv.org/find/hep-ph/1/au:+Amelino_Camelia_G/0/1/0/all/0/1

    and links therein?
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