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Lorentzian lie algebra

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    Hi everybody,

    Let G a four dimmensionnal Lie group with g as lie algebra. Let T1 ... T4 the four generator. I would like to find à lorentzian scalar product (1-3 Signature) on it and left invariant. A classical algebra take tr (AB^t) as scalar product but I don't find à lorentzian équivalent. Did it contraint the generator or the structure constant to respect some criterion ?

    Thanks for your answer

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    I've read your post now several times. I'd like to help you but I don't understand it. The ##T_i## are generators of ##g## or of ##G##? What do you mean by a left invariant scalar product? And Lorentzian in this context means exactly what? Since a four dimensional Lie Algebra isn't semisimple I have difficulties to understand which bilinear form you're looking for.
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