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Losing confidence in my ability

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    I've applied to do Maths for 2006 entry and have received an offer from one university and two interviews (one from a really good university), however, I am feeling underconfident in terms of my ability.

    I've been trying to learn elementary number theory but am having trouble understanding some steps in proofs which is one reason why I'm underconfident.

    Also, I've been looking at STEP exam papers and admissions tests for the universities I've applied for and am finding solving these problems difficult.

    Any suggestions?
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    matt grime

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    You're supposed to find them difficult, that's why they exist. If with a lot of practice you can do 4 STEP questions in 3 hours you are doing very well, and that is with a huge amount of practice.

    Proof isn't taught at A-level, you shouldn't worry about that. It will come with practice.

    STEP is designed to test your potential at university, that is why you can't do the questions right now.

    Are there any particular proofs you want to discuss, or step questions (bearing in mind step questions are copyright material - small reproduction for academic purposes should be OK, but don't quote me on that)

    and i did step II and III as a student, know the person who sets step, and taught for two years on summer schools to encourage state school applicants to cambridge if you want to assess what i may know about it
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    pick up larson's book on proving/problem solving...and just remmber you may feel down but think about how everyone else might feel...just feel happy you got the chance.
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