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News Losing control

  1. Jan 22, 2005 #1
    We are losing control in Iraq quickly.

    -Since the Coalition military has taken Fallujah and "broken the back of the insurgency", we have seen the trend in attacks rise significantly.
    -The Iraqi police forces are suffering serious leadership and commitment issues. The security forces who are supposed to take control in late 2005 according to colon powell are having serious troubles even standing to defend the enemy let alone raid and defeat the enemy. A week doesnt go by without hearing of multiple incidents resulting in attacks on police stations, transport busses being blown up, and mass executions in broad daylight.
    - Hostages: The hostage situation is not pretty, just today a tape came in of two iraqis getting their heads cut off in the middle of a street for helping the Americans. Although many of the US contractors are protected, many of our allies' contractors are taking a beating. China, Malaysia, Japan, European, and other middle eastern counties have all suffered hostage situations recently.
    - Intelligence sources are now predicting that the insurgency is planning upwards of 150 car bombs and 300 suicide bombers on the day of the election. That is in a place roughly the size of California. Oh yea, they will sure be legitimate... Will half of the Sunnis show up to vote? Most likely not. How many hundreds of people will die that day?
    -The Iraqi people do not even want us there! How can we even expect any sort of resolution when they want us out????
    -Lastly, US and British support for the war is dropping significantly, so that means sooner than later we will leave the country. Of course, this will result in horrible chaos, and potentially hundreds of thousands or even millions could die.

    The US has no sense of responsibility and just as soon as those approval numbers go a little further down we will tuck our tails and run away and let the country eat itself alive.

    Can someone tell me one good thing that has come from this war? I dont drop the F-bomb very often but this is really a f*cked up state of affairs.

    It is now perfectly concievable to argue that Iraq was better off when Saddam ran the show.
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    Well, it might be concievable that someone would argue that, but they wouldn't do it well, and they wouldn't be able to create a reasonable argument.
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    Was that the sound of a gauntlet hitting the ground?
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