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Losing weight using Physiscs

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    so im going to use the potential energy law e=mgh to lose joules(fat) the problem is that whats the energy effiency of the body i cant find that anywhere. im climbing a 22.5m apartment building and my weight is 114kgs (im not fat just big boned)
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    Why not assume it's 100% efficient?

    E = 114 * 9.8 * 22.5m = 25,000

    1J = 0.24 calories

    so 25,000J = 6000 Calories.

    The bad news is that "calories" on a packet of food are actually kilocalories.

    So one trip to the top burns just 6 food calories

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    Google suggest you should assume the body is about 20% efficient so multiply by 5. One trip up is about 30 food calories. Looks like a BigMac is about 490 food calories or 16 trips up.

    Edit: Got to laugh. Google has already changed the banner advert I see at the top of the page from one adbertising solar panels to one advertising a weight loss system.
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    16 trips just for a bigmac???!!! no wonder everybody is fat.
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    Climbing stairs is incredibly tedious. You're better off doing something more enjoyable which you will commit to doing for a long period of time, and it's absolutely necessary to eat properly.
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