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Loss of data during transmit

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    Hi! Recently I done some survey on transceiver, may I know if a transceiver which data rate is 1.2kbps and a transceiver with data rate 19kbps, which transceiver will loss more data during transmit?
    Can anyone recommend me a suitable transceiver?(data rate high, loss of data low)
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    The loss rate shouldn't depend on the data rate
    If there is some noise which causes a loss of connection then for a given time the faster link will lose more data, ie. if the interference lasts for 0.1sec then one link will lose 120bits while the other will lose 1900bits.
    On the other hand if you need to transmit a certain amount of data then the faster link will allow you to send it more often or to send more error correction bits.
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    Neither will lose any data if the transmission path is loss free.

    Handshaking is usually included and this keeps checking to see if the transmission was received OK. This is done with checksums.

    If there are losses, the transmission is sent again. Doing this slows the process down, but unless conditions are very bad, the faster system should still work out faster than the slow one, especially if the faster one is 16 times as fast as the slow one as in your example.

    Can't suggest any transceivers as you haven't explained what you want to do. Probably couldn't anyway.
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    thanks a lot! What I want to do is to transmit data from sensors such as pressure,temperature by wireless transceiver to my computer, and the distance between my computer and those sensors more than 300m.
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    It matters how much of the project you can do yourself.
    If you are not too familiar with electronics and sensor interfacing, A to D converters and computer programming, you may have to look for a commercial data logger module.

    If you have experience with these things, there are 433.92 MHz transmit / receive modules which are quite legal in some countries and are available cheaply. These could provide the data radio link.
    http://jaycar.com.au/products_uploaded/ZW3102(mod).pdf [Broken]
    http://jaycar.com.au/products_uploaded/ZW3100(mod).pdf [Broken]
    Please have a look at these files as well as the main site :

    Actually collecting the data would be easy with a Picaxe chip.
    I suggest you Google this. These cpu chips that have precision A to D converter inputs and Ascii outputs. Ideal for your job.

    Here is some more info about Picaxe chips :
    http://www.picaxe.orconhosting.net.nz/ [Broken]
    This is fun stuff to do.
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